Bulk Grain Buy

As a LAGERS member, you get access two bulk grain buys per year. Once in the spring, once in the fall. These two opportunities provide enough savings on grain to pay for the cost of membership and then some! You don’t want to miss out on the chance to get all of your favorite malts for the lowest price you’ll ever find. LAGERS members order around 8000 lbs of grain a year! To find a list of available grain choices, click here.

Fall Bulk Grain Buy Order Form

There are many more malts available that the most common ones listed on the order form, such as roasted and crystal malts, at special request. Send an email to: lagersclub@gmail.com

The deadline to order grain is October 27th! Grain will be available to pick up at the Brew-In at Apocalypse on November 4th. Please bring cash or check, no credit cards.

You must be current on your membership dues to participate in all Club sponsored bulk buys. Please renew online or at the next Club meeting.