LAGERS meetings are often educational and are lectured by knowledgeable individuals. Below you’ll find a list of presentations that have been seen and presented by members. It’s free to attend a meeting so come on by and learn something new. If you do not see your presentation here or would like to present a topic during a meeting, please notify the officers so that we may update the list or get your scheduled.

Greg Butorin – Barrel Selection, Maintenance, and Storage

Craig Gardone – Refrigerator Conversion

Jake Wildstrom – Gluten Free Beer

Sarah Popko – Brewers’ Yeast Genealogy

Greg Butorin – Brut IPA

Greg Butorin – Water Chemistry Fundamentals

Greg Butorin – Applying Water Chemistry Fundamentals

Brandon Schaefer – BJCP Style 26D + Sugar!

Craig Gardone – Timing of Sugar Additions

Mark Robinson – Makgeolli

Sarah Popko – Review of Non-Saccharomyces Yeast in Non-Alcoholic Brewing and Low Alcohol Beer

Holsopple Brewing – Yeast Management

Roxanne Westendorf (AHA) – Cheesemaking