Yearly Events and Competitions

All dates and events are subject to change. Yearly events typically scheduled as follows.

January Holiday party and raffle
GB entries due
February Tailspin Ale Festival
March Membership Drive and renewals
Akasha Brew-in & Competition
April Nominate Officers
Goodwood Bud Hope Competition
May Elect Officers
Bulk Chemical Buy
Bulk Grain Buy
Equipment Swap
June Summer Party and Raffle
Bluegrass Cup
NHC-Homebrew Con
July Indian State Fair Competition
BJCP Study Prep
August Kentucky State Fair Homebrew Competition
Yappy Hour Brew-In
Beer ‘n Sweat
September Yappy Hour
Craft Beer Week
Open registration for Tailspin
October Open registration for GB Competition
November AHA teach someone to homebrew and Krauth brewin
Fall Harvest Beer Competition
Bulk Grain Buy
Bulk Chemical Buy
December White Elephant Gift Exchange
Tailspin entries due