LAGERS July Newsletter

LAGERS July Newsletter

July Meeting Recap

We had absolutely fantastic attendance at our July meeting.  I’m sure that was in no small part because of our fantastic guest speaker, Ameila Pillow of Shippingport Brewing!  She gave a informative talk about foraging for ingredients to brew with.  She even floated a possible collab next year where we’d partner with Olmstead Parks to pick invasive species and then brew a beer with it! Hopefully more to come on that later. She referenced a book during her talk, and I’ve had several folks ask me about it since.  Here it is: The Homebrewer’s Almanac.  

We over 15 beers for the BBOT and the winner waa Tim T with his Jalapeno Wheat.  Absolutely fantastic beer!  Tim, if you are reading this, drop us a line so I can get you your prize!  You won a Wi-Fi enabled Inkbird two stage temperature controller.

Yappy Hour

It’s that time of year again. Time to submit recipes for Yappy Hour! For those who are new to the Club, Yappy Hour is our annual charity event with Apocalypse Brew Works to raise money for the Kentucky Humane Society. It is also our big opportunity to highlight homebrewing and the LAGERS club.
Essentially, the idea is what you brew some wort at home (or at the brew-in on 8/26) then the wort is taken inside ABW and made into beer as the licensed brewery. Along the way, we help them manage the fermentations, transfers, packaging and carbonating. On September 30th, club members serve the beers at an event called Yappy Hour. This is a dog friendly event that is designed to promote craft beer and awareness for the ABW, LAGERS and the Humane Society. After all the beer is sold, a donation matching the proceeds from the event will be made to the Louisville Chapter of the Kentucky Humane Society. In 2022 we donated $3000 and our goal for this year is $4000!
So, here is what you need to know:
– ABW will supply grain and yeast (Thanks Leah!!!)
– Brewgrass Homebrew will supply hops (Thanks John!!!)
– Members will be responsible for any adjuncts they want to add. Grain and hops should come from Brewgrass’ regular inventory if possible. Non-stock grains/hops may be available based on supply chain constraints but will require two weeks’ notice before pickup. If you want something novel, please supply it yourself. If you have questions about what Brewgrass has in stock, either call him or email me (
– The deadline to submit a recipe is August 12th.
– Recipes must be:
  • Limited to 1.060
  • May be 5 or 10 gallon batches (two 5 gallon batches or one 10 gallon batch per member). Smaller batches are also allowed.
– Ingredient pickup will take place at Brewgrass Homebrew starting August 12th. If you asked for special grain or hops, they maybe not be available until August 26th.
– House yeast will be provided, or you can supply your own. (S-05, S-04, Lager, Kviek).  Nothing funky, but Philly Sour is ok. (I’m talking to you, Brandon!)
– Following the brew day, you are then responsible for all transfers of your beer including secondary (if desired) and kegging.
– ABW will carbonate the beers, but you must have your beer in a keg by September 23rd.
– You must be a LAGERS member to enter (but not to attend the brew-in)

Here is a link to recipe sign up! 

Yappy Hour Brew-In

Back due to popular demand, we’re going to do a brew-in for Yappy Hour on Saturday, August 26th.
Leah has already offered up hot water from the HLT, and if you have a portable gas brew system, feel free to bring it! I don’t think there is enough power capacity for electric systems.
All the beers we brew will be sold during Yappy Hour on September 30th.
Bring the whole family and let’s have a good time! If you know anyone that wants to learn about brewing, feel free to invite them as well!
Gates will be opened at noon!

Link to the Facebook event