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Introducing the LAGERS Cup!

We’ve been brainstorming ideas to get more folks brewing, especially styles outside of their comfort zone. Club member Jacob Dryer had a great idea that he brought with him from one of his previous homebrew clubs. A year long, club only competition!

Participating members brew a different style each quarter and club members pay a dollar to vote for their favorite.  Each contest, the contestant with the most votes wins half of the pot. At the end of the year the member with the most points is crowned the LAGERS Cup Champion and wins the other half of the combined pots from each quarter.

2023-2024 schedule

  • March – Kentucky Common
  • June – Kolsch
  • September – Belgian Single or Dubbel
  • December – Stout

The rules are as follows:

Only one entry per contestant. Entrants must bring at least 64 oz of their beer.

Each entrant’s beer is poured into a pitcher.  Any bottles, etc. are hidden/suitably anonymized to avoid influencing the judging.

People attending the meeting buy poker chips for $1 each and vote for their favorite beer in the flight by dropping the poker chip into a bag in front of the appropriate pitcher.

The winner is determined by the number of votes received.  The winner receives half of the money received from poker chip sales.  In the case of a tie, the money is evenly split among the winners.  The rest of the money goes into the pot for the Lagers Cup Champion. The winner will also receive the LAGERS Cup, a custom trophy that will be passed on each year to the new Champion.

Standings for Lagers Cup Champion are kept from quarter to quarter, with points being awarded as follows:

  • 1st place – 10 points
  • 1st place (tie) – 8 points
  • 2nd place – 7 points
  • 2nd place (tie) – 6 points
  • Entering without placing – 4 points

The competition is designed to reward people who enter the competition every time, even if they don’t win. A person who enters all four quarters would beat someone who only brews once but gets first place.

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