2022 Spring Bulk Grain Buy


It’s that time of year again. The bulk grain buy is now live through Apocalypse once more. Friendly reminder that we will be going through BSG this time around. Feel free to place your orders through us. We will be using the same bulk buy form that we used in the Fall and we will once again ask that all payments be submitted and processed BEFORE we place the order with Apocalypse. We do this to avoid ending up with several sacks of unpaid and unaccounted for grain. Note that prices have increased substantially due to many factors of which you’re probably well aware of at this point.

Please email us a filled out form by Sunday, May 29th. We’ll send out a final invoice the following day to make sure everyone’s orders are correct before requesting payment. If you’re splitting grain with someone, please mark exactly which grain and how much you’re splitting in the email or in the form. We will have bags and scales ready to go during pickup day (TBD).

Due to the global disruption in scheduling freight deliveries, we do not have a set pick-up date at this time. Once the order is placed, we will be sending out a follow up email so keep your eyes peeled.

Follow this link to get the new order form.