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Bulk Grain Buy: Spring 2024 Order Forms Due April 20

Submit Your Bulk Grain Order by April 20

To order, download the form and follow the instructions. We are ordering through BSG this spring.

LAGERS Spring 2024 Bulk Buy (BSG)

Email your order form to and copy

You must be a LAGERS member to participate. Not a member? Join today by adding a membership to your order.

Bulk Grain Pick Up on May 5

You can pick up your order at Apocalypse Brew Works on May 5.

Tips for a Successful Order

Is this your first ever bulk buy? Or maybe you’re not sure what to look for? Here’s some tips:

  • Think about the beers you’re planning this year. Most recipes require several pounds of base malt (2-row, brewer’s malt, Pilsner, etc.). Look to get a full bag of what you’ll use most!
  • Contact other members (via our Facebook page, e.g.) to see if they want to split a bag of specialty malts, which usually make up a very small portion of your grain bill.
  • Get sealed storage for your grains. Plastic bins made for large bags of pet food will work well. Uncrushed grains that are protected from air, moisture, sunlight and extreme temperatures should store well for a year.

Benefits of the Bulk Order

  • Many of the prices for the bulk grain will be a better deal than you can find anywhere else.
  • This is also a good opportunity to get imported European malts or other brands that local shops may not carry.