Louisville Water Reports

Water is one of the main ingredients in brewing and can make or break your beer. Water pH is important for efficient mashing and to fine-tune the flavor of your beer. You can read more on the importance of adjusting your water profile, tools to help you, and more on what these numbers mean here. LAGERS members have given presentations on water chemistry, which are available free of charge. If you have any more questions about water chemistry or the information provided here, feel free to contact us.

As the city does not provide up-to-date water reports, we rely on laboratory testing in order to determine the water profile of Louisville’s tap water. Louisville has two water treatment plants, and they blend and treat the water output in order to get a consistent profile. This means that your water will not change much throughout the seasons.

Laboratory testing in two locations on opposite sides of Louisville gave similar results. The average of the two results are below, and you can also see the reports themselves.

Ca: 33 ppm | Mg: 12 ppm| Na: 21 ppm| SO4: 63 ppm| CL: 23 ppm| HCO3: 78 ppm | pH: 8.3

Test results for zip code 40216 (West Louisville)
Test results for zip code 40213 (South Louisville)
Test results for zip code 47172 (Southern Indiana – Silver Creek Water)
Test results for zip code 40047 (Mt. Washington)
Test results for zip code 40013 (Oldham County)

If you have performed a water report, please contact us so we can continue to provide up-to-date information.

Rick Stidham of Akasha Brewing Co. has provided his water reports from 2017-2018 to the club. You can find those reports below.

April, 2018 – Crescent Hill Purification

March, 2018 – B E Payne Water Treatment

March, 2018 – Crescent Hill Purification

January, 2018 – B E Payne Water Treatment

January, 2018 – Crescent Hill Purification

November, 2018 – B E Payne Water Treatment

November, 2017 – Crescent Hill Purification