Louisville Water Reports

Water is one of the main ingredients in brewing and can make or break your beer. Water chemistry can get you from that bronze medal beer to a gold. Unfortunately Louisville water reports are not easy to come by without doing some of your own testing as the city does not update their website. The city has two water treatment plants so knowing where your water comes from is important. The source is typically the Ohio River which changes in consistency constantly throughout the changing seasons and frequent rainfalls. Fortunately for you, Rick Stidham of Akasha Brewing Co. has volunteered to provide his water reports with the club. A list of the latest water reports by plant and date can be found below.

April, 2018 – Crescent Hill Purification

March, 2018 – B E Payne Water Treatment

March, 2018 – Crescent Hill Purification

January, 2018 – B E Payne Water Treatment

January, 2018 – Crescent Hill Purification

November, 2018 – B E Payne Water Treatment

November, 2017 – Crescent Hill Purification