Jockey Box Rental

As a LAGERS member, you get access to all of the clubs Jockey Boxes. You’ll find everything you need to pour your beer remotely whether it’s at a festival, tailgate party, wedding, or even at home. We have 4 jockey boxes to choose from. A 20lb CO2 tank with regulator, several manifolds with hoses, gas and liquid ball and pin lock disconnects, and any wrenches or tools can be requested as well. Photos of all the available equipment can be found below. All of the jockey boxes are built with cold plates so your beer can be chilled quickly (no need to keep the kegs cold). Please maintain no more than 18 psi serving pressure. Jockey boxes are expected to be returned in the same condition they were received. If you require cleaning tools, please let us know. You are responsible for all damages and losses.
To request any of the jockey boxes and equipment fill out the form at the end of the page. Alternatively, you can send us an email at or a facebook message with your name, contact information, equipment needed, and the pickup/return date.

Jockey Box Request Form