Lagers/Fossils Brew-In and Akasha Competition

The first brew-in of the season, and we are combining it with our friends across the river. Bring yor gear out and brew up some beer. Bring someone new to learn about homebrewing. We More details to come…

Akasha Brew-in and Brew-off


Akasha will be hosting a brew-in at their facility on March 5th from 8:30 am to 4pm. You are invited to bring out your brewing equipment to brew up a batch of your finest. In addition, beers brewed on site are eligible for the Akasha brew-off competition. This will also serve a joint social event between the two homebrew clubs.

What: Brew-in, Brew-Off and Social
Where: Akahsha Brewing Company, 909 E Market St #700, Louisville, KY 40206
When: March 5th from 8:30 am to 4 pm

What and Who to Bring:
1) All of your brewing equipment (!)

a. Kettles
b. Stands
c. Propane
d. Buckets
e. Lighters
f. Spoons
g. Sanitizer
h. Carboy
i. All the little stuff not listed above(!)

2) A keg of homebrew to share (jockey box will be set up)
3) A side dish (warm or cold) to share
4) Friends and Family (2-legged only)
5) People new to brewing

Akasha will have all the hot water we can use, and will have Chico (001), Whitbread (007) and possibly lager (830, 34/70) yeast available if you need it.

Competition Rules:
– One winning beer will be selected, and the winning brewer will be invited to brew a 7-barrel batch of the beer with Akasha, which will be put on draft in the taproom
– Open to any BJCP style (2015 guidelines)
– Beers brewed at the brew-in are the only beers accepted in the competition *
– Limit of one entry per person
– No cider, perry or mead
– Gravity limit is 1.080 (20%, 20P)
– Ferment with US-05/WLP001/Wyeast 1056, S-04/WLP007/Wyeast 1098, T-58/WLP565/Wyeast 3724, [W-34/70]/WLP830/Wyeast 2124.
– No syrups, fruit, fruit juice, or other fermentable adjuncts except cane/beet sugar. (If in doubt, please ask.)
– No lactose sugar
– Spices are allowed
– No Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic, Galaxy, or Azzaca. (Not because they don’t love them! Because they can’t guarantee they can source enough of them when it comes time to brew a commercial-sized batch)
– Brewers may not pitch yeast on premises (state law…)
– Brewers will ferment and package at home
– Brewers will drop off two 12-oz or larger bottles of beer
– Brewers must submit their full recipe
– The Akasha brew crew will judge beer entries
– Submit your entries at the taproom by Thursday, April 13th
Day of Special Instructions
– Although we welcome dogs in the taproom, please leave your four-legged brew buddy home on brew day.
– Feel free to bring homebrew to share in the brewery. However, only beer purchased in the taproom may be consumed in the taproom (more state laws…).
– Additional special instructions will be given at the brew-in

* The purpose is to reward those who brew on site in an effort to get more folks to come out and make this a great event. However, a VERY few number of exceptions will be allowed, for example, your electric brewing system is hardwired into your house. If you are granted and exception, then you will still be expected to attend the brew-in. Simply being unable to attend the event will not be considered as a permissible exception. See the registration form for more instructions.