LAGERS September 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

October 15 — October Monthly Meeting
November 4 — Apocalypse Brew-in, Bulk Grain Buy & Fall Competition
Tailspin Ale Festival Beer Submissions – TBD

Yappy Hour 2018

One of our favorite events of the year, Yappy Hour, was Friday September 28th. Thank you to all that brewed, volunteered, or came out to support the event. We can’t do this without you. We had a grand total of 18 beers on tap this year (1 fewer than last year). Big thanks to everyone at Apocalypse Brew Works for hosting such an amazing and philanthropic event. We will announce the charity check towards the KY humane society at a later date so stay tuned!

October Monthly Meeting

On Monday October 15th, Sarah Popko will be diving into the details of brewers yeast genealogy. Ever wonder about the origins of the yeast you use to make beer? Where did it come from? How did it evolve? Why do we use it? Sarah will be tracing the genetic family tree of commonly used yeast like Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. You’re sure to learn a thing or two about the most commonly used ingredient in our beer.

Apocalypse Brew-In , Bulk Grain Buy, and Fall Competition

Save the date! On the first Sunday of the month, November 4th, we will be getting together at Apocalypse Brew Works to pick up our bulk grain, brew some beer, and judge our annual fall competition. The bulk grain buy survey will be sent out in a separate e-mail as we iron out the details. The brew-in is a great opportunity to get your tailspin ale entries brewed up for this years competition. We will send out a separate e-mail with the Tailspin details. Speaking of competitions, bring a keg or a couple bottles of any fall beer (Marzen, pumpkin beer, wet hopped/fall harvest ales, etc…) to the brew-in and you’ll be eligible for the LAGERS fall competition. Popular beer wins the prize! Details to follow.

September/August LAGERS Recap

In August, we took a break from meeting up to brew our Yappy Hour beers and to help out with the Kentucky State Fair Homebrew Competition. Winners of the homebrew competition were announced in an earlier post.Big thanks to all that helped judge, steward, and man the booth during the fair. Don’t forget about the volunteers dinner hosted by Tim Rosenberger at Apocalypse Brew Works this Thursday October 4th at 7PM. Here are some fun statistics on the fair. 37% of all paid LAGERS member have entered in the competition, making up 25% of total brewers participating. Even though we accounted for just 1/4 of people participating, we made up for it in number of entries at a whopping 55%. Even more astounding is that LAGERS members won 61% of the awards. Congratulations LAGERS, you are some of the best and brightest brewers in the state!

We got resumed our monthly meetings in September with Jake Wildstrom’s presentation on gluten free beer. He discussed the many methods of brewing a gluten free beer, the legality and health aspects, and he even brought in one of his own gluten free beers to share. It was a delicious millet beer, thank you Jake! If you are interested in the presentation, it can be found on our website here.

Congratulations to Spencer Guy for going pro as brewer at Akasha! Be sure to give him a thumbs up as you watch him brew through the window next meeting. Congratulations to Justin Vasher as well for going pro as brewer at Cumberland Brewery. We hope to be able to try your beers soon!

Last but not least, the glassware survey is still live and on the website here. If you are interested in a limited edition pilsner glass with LAGERS logo, please take the survey. There is a minimum order requirement that must be reached. If we are not able to reach it, we will move on to the next merchandise item.

Brewer Recipe Highlight

There were 19 entrants last meeting and 25 votes. Much better than 1 vote we had in July! Thank you for doing your part. Congratulations to Sarah Popko for winning the LAGERS monthly competition with her Brett Saison. Well done Sarah! Sarah’s goal was to brew a refreshing summer beer with citrus flavor. She used Brettanomyces to dry out the beer and give it some more flavor. Her recipe can be found bellow:

RO Water (in ppm)
Ca: 71 | Mg: 0 | Na: 8 | SO4: 30 | Cl: 105 | HCO3: 0

57.8% BEST Pilsen Malt
28.9% BEST White Wheat Malt
8.9% BEST Light Munich Malt
4.4% Melanoidin Malt

Mash at 148F for 30 min and 156F for 30 min
Fly sparge with 168F water

18 IBU CTZ @ 60 min
1 oz/5 gal Citra @ whirlpool
1 oz/5 gal Mosaic @ whirlpool

Zest of 2 lemons @ 5 min

WLP566 Belgian Saison II @ 1 M/ml/P
Pitched at 63F, free rise to 78F
Pitched small pinch of Bootleg Biology Funk Weapon 3 after 2 weeks
Hold at 84F for 1 month, cold crash, and keg

OG=1.058 | FG=1.006 | ABV=6.8%