LAGERS: Meeting tomorrow and November Newsletter


Here is your November newsletter.

Meeting tomorrow!

The November meeting is tomorrow at 6:30 PM at Akasha Brewing. At 7:30, Jerry Nagy, head brewer at Against the Grain, will be talking to us about dry hopping.  Come on out, bring some homebrew to share, and enjoy a short talk. 

New T-Shirts

Brandon got us some new shirts!  Huge shoutout to him and to Full Bleed Mfg who did a killer job.  We made a few tweaks to the original LAGERS logo, and I really think you all are going to dig these shirts!  They will be available tomorrow at the meeting for $20.  If you can’t make it to a meeting, send me an email and I’ll make sure we set one aside for you. 

Yappy Hour

Thanks to everyone that brewed beer, volunteered, and came out and enjoyed some beers! Yappy Hour was a resounding success, despite the crummy weather.  We’ve already raised over $1500, and that number will increase significantly when we crowler and sell the remaining beer.  

Next year we’ll move Yappy Hour back to September or October to hopefully hit better weather.

October Beer Spotlight

Octobers winning beer was brewed by none other than Craig Gardone!  Hopefully you got a chance to taste this Belgian Tripel, because it was phenomenal. Here is the skinny on that beer from Craig:

This beer was first brewed for the Gordon Biersch BBOTT in November 2015.  This was a competition that required the use of WLP570, and I brewed essentially this same beer.  This was Batch #91 on my All Grain system.

  • 24.0 lb – Breiss two-row Pale Malt
  • 8.0 lb  – German Pilsner Malt
  • 0.5 lb  – Sour Malt
  • 0.5 lb  –  Aromatic Malt
  • 0.5 lb  – Melanoidin Malt
  • 2 oz    – German Tettanger    3.9%
  • 1 oz    – Czech Saaz  3.4%
  • 2 oz    – Williamette 5.7%
  • Dried yeast – 4 liter starter at 0.040 O.G.
  • 1 oz sweet orange peel – Dried
  • Peel of one Clementine orange – Snacking while brewing – Just for good measure
  • Boil Water Adjustments:  None.
Strike Water:  Water set for 140°F.
Dough-In:  Added all 8 gallons to Mash tun.  Initial mash was a bit dry.  Added more water to HLT at 15 minutes.
Mash:  90 minute total.  Let mash rest 15 minutes, and added more water at about 160°F.  Got HLT refilled and heated to 160°F.  At 30 minutes, started pump to recirculate.  At 40 minutes, top was 145°F and probe was reading 140°F.  At 50 minutes, HLT was refilled to max and finally up to 165°F.  Top of mash at 150°F and probe at bottom running 142°F.  Kept recirculation running the whole time.  At termination, mash running 166°F at top and probe at 155°F.  Mashout begun at 11:25.
Sparge:  Started sparge at 11:25am.  Finished about noon.  Had a very slow/stuck mash.  Blew backwards in the drain to break up clog.  This helped, but ran very slow during mashout.  First runnings at 22 brix.  Held there until about 6.5 gallons when it dropped to 21 brix.  Last runnings were still around 10 brix.  Total boil kettle was about 11.5 gallons at about 17.5 brix.
Boil:  Boiled for 70 minutes.  Hopping schedule:
  • 2.0 oz  German Tettanger    60 min  Pellet   3.9% Alpha
  • 1.0 oz  Williamette     60 min  Pellet   5.7% Alpha
  • Immersion chiller added 15 min
  • 2 tsp    Irish Moss      15 min
  • 1.0 oz      Czech Saaz  10 min  Pellet   3.4% Alpha
  • 1.0 oz  Williamette     10 min  Pellet   5.7% Alpha
  • 1 tsp Yeast Nutrient    10 min
  • Recirculation/Scald Out 10 min  Ran pump to scald out system
Chill:  Used immersion chiller to cool beer.  Cooled to approximately 130°F with tap water.  Switched to ice.  At about 95°F, iced the Hot Liquor Tun.  Discharge liquid around 62°F.
Ferment:  Lit up quickly.  Started at 62°F for two days.  Bumped a degree a day.  Slow steady ferment.  By 02-Dec, fermentation had pretty much ceased.  Temperature was running 68°F.  12-Sep (7 days) fermentation had slowed dramatically.  Tasted one fermenter.  Great yeast character, but beer was still a bit sweet.  Purchased Lalvin EC-1118 champagne yeast.  Hydrated and added on 14-Sep (day 9).  Beer dropped another 8 points or so and dried out nicely.