LAGERS January 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

February 9th — Tailspin Ale Fest Tapping Party
February 16th — Tailspin Ale Fest
February 18th — LAGERS Monthly Meeting
March 18th — LAGERS Monthly Meeting
March TBD — Akasha Brew-in
March TBD — Akasha Competition Entries Due
March TBD — Akasha Competition Judging

Gordon Biersch Pro-Am Competition

Thank you all that entered the IPA competition. We had a total of 6 entries and the winner gets to brew their IPA at Gordon Biersch to serve to the public. The money goes to a great cause as well. It comes to no surprise as we offer our congratulations to Evan Brill for winning this years Gordon Biersch competition! That’s two years in a row. Who will be brave enough to challenge him next year?

Annual LAGERS Holiday Party

Our LAGERS Holiday Party was an absolute blast, despite the bad weather. Hopefully everyone that came out was able to make it home safely and without any episodes. Huge thanks to Tim Rosenberger for the whopping 40lbs of smoked Boston pork shoulder as well as everyone that brought food. I know some of us left with a food coma. You all are amazing cooks! We had a total of 13 kegs on tap of all varieties as well as several commercial bottles shared during dinner. Another big thank you to everyone that participated in the raffle this year. Justin Vasher graciously donated a gift card to Cumberland Brewery and Spencer Guy gave one lucky LAGERS member a chance to brew at Akasha with him. The main prize of the night was a 10 gallon Spike brew kettle. Congratulations to all the winners out there! We would love to hear your opinion on what we should raffle off next. Do you want a shiny new fermenter? Maybe a top of the line pH meter? How about a fancy chiller? Send us an email or Facebook message with your ideas.

Tailspin Ale Winter Warmer Brew Off

The 5th annual tailspin ale fest competition! Congratulations again to Mando for securing his second win in the tailspin competition. Please don’t forget to show your support by coming out to Evergreen Liquors in Middletown February 9th from 3 to 5 pm. The tailspin festival will be February 16th and you don’t want to miss it. Lydia from Tailspin was at the January meeting selling us discounted tickets and shuttle rides. If you missed her, you might still have a chance to buy them at cost.

February Monthly Meeting

February 18th we will be meeting at Akasha to finish up our crash course on water chemistry. We will learn how to apply the basic fundamentals that we learned in January to our brewing practices at home as well as learn about what to look for in a pH meter, how to request and read a water report, and more. Bring a clean palate as we will be conducting a triangle test for this meeting. Make sure you complete it as soon as you walk in the door. Don’t forget to bring some homebrew and vote for your favorite too!

LAGERS BJCP Tasting Exam Class

It’s here! If you have passed the BJCP online class and have been thinking about taking your certification to the next level, Chuck Harp will be hosting the LAGERS members for a comprehensive tasting exam class. Note: you can sign up for the class so long as you pass the online test by May! Chuck will cover the BJCP styles over the course of 12 classes between April 8th and the exam date on July 21st. This is a very rare and informative class that is open to anyone. The LAGERS are graciously funding part of the course for all LAGERS members. The class size is limited to 12 people so get your spot ASAP! More details can be found on our website here.

January Monthly Meeting Recap

This January we held a meeting on water chemistry fundamentals. We learned about pH, alkalinity, ions, and their effects on the brewing process and finished product. Don’t forget that in February we will be discussing how to apply this knowledge at home.


January Brewer Recipe Highlight

Thank you for doing your part by voting for your favorite beer and allowing us to share beer during our meetings. Congratulations to Trevor Brock for winning the monthly competition with his Resilience IPA clone. Thanks for supporting the community in California and raising awareness to the disaster in Paradise.

A link to the full recipe can be found here.