LAGERS/Hometown Brewing Canning Day


Hometown Brewing Co. has offered to can our homebrew, just in time for the holiday season! Your own cans of homebrew will be great as a gift for your loved ones, or just to share. You must be a LAGERS member to participate. We’ll keep registration open until the 31st of October, so you have plenty of time to decide how much beer you want to can. We don’t need an exact amount for the quantity when you sign up, we just want to have some idea what to expect. Follow this link to sign up.

When: Saturday, November 7th (11AM-11PM)
Where: Hometown Brewing, corner of Short st and Preston Hwy
Cost: $0.30 per 16oz can to cover materials cost (about $2.40 per gallon or $12 per 5 gal keg)
Keg drop-off: October 31st to November 6th

Ensure that your keg is properly carbonated and at equilibrium (quick carbing the night before will end up with a whole bunch of flat beer in the cans). You may want to slightly overcarb your beer. The line is set up to can any style of beer at any carbonation level.

For best results, bring your keg in earlier during the drop off to let it cool and settle. We will be bringing the club manifolds if you want to keep your kegs under pressure.

The canning line supports sanke, ball lock, and pin lock kegs of any size. Make sure to label your kegs with your name and contact information so they do not get lost.

Once your beers are canned, you must pick up the cans and your keg by close of business that day (11PM). If you will not be able to do this, let the LAGERS officers know and we can work out an exception. You will need to bring boxes or trays to carry your cans in.

In the interest of the safety and well-being of the crew and club members, a small team of LAGERS officers and brewers will be operating the canning line. However, you are welcome to come hang out, watch the process, and ask questions. Everyone attending will be required to wear a mask and socially distance. For those who want to share their product of love and labor, we’ll hold a friendly competition for best beer and crowd favorite.