LAGERS February 2020 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

This month is full of special events and great opportunities to support your fellow LAGERS.

March 4th we will be having our tapping party for David Pike’s winning Tailspin Competition beer, a chocolate mint stout. The event will take place at Evergreen Liquors in Middletown from 4PM-7PM. Come out, bring your friends and family, and support our friends and club by pouring yourself a beer. This special beer was brewed by David and our friends at Apocalypse Brew Works and will also be available during the Tailspin Ale Festival on March 7th. If you placed during the competition, please be sure to attend the tapping party.

Speaking of Tailspin, Louisville’s biggest and best beer festival is this weekend, March 7th. All you VIP ticket holders and competition winners get to enter early at 2PM while everyone else can enter at 3PM. Event ends at 7PM. Weather should be great! We’re looking forward to seeing you all there! Check out this year’s beer list.

We are lucky to have not one but two! tapping parties this month. We will be celebrating Craig Gardone and Gordon Biersch for Craig’s winning Russian Imperial Stout on March 18th from 4:00PM – 8:00PM (subject to change) at the Gordon Biersch Brewery location on 4th street live! This is a tasty one you don’t want to miss. The beer will also be showcased this weekend at the Tailspin Ale Fest. If you missed out on the details for this delicious brew, you can find them here.

This month we are all very excited to welcome Kristy Holsopple to come talk to us. She is owner, quality manager, and yeast whisperer at Holsopple Brewing Co. and full time scientist at Brown-Forman. Kristy brings us a wealth of knowledge from her education in biology and career experiences as a microbiologist at Sam Adams and quality control specialist at Miller Coors just to name a few.  You’ll be sure to learn plenty about yeast quality and management from Kristy. Don’t forget to come prepared with any questions you have on yeast because Kristy might just be the best person in town to ask. We’ll be meeting March 16th at 7:00PM and hosted once again by our friends at Akasha Brewing Co.

For April’s meeting, we will announce the educational topic later this month but we wanted to inform you all that officer nominations are coming up. If you are interested in running for any position, please reach out to us via e-mail, facebook messenger, or in person to nominate yourself or someone else for a specific position. This year we will be in need of a secretary or communications officer though all positions are up for grabs. There are no by-laws. A list of all of the current officers and their roles/functions can be found here.

Last but not least, we asked those interested to commit to attending homebrew con by March by taking this survey.  We put together a handy dandy guide to homebrew con for your review and to make things a little easier for making the decision to go and to hopefully entice you to attend. Unfortunately we only received a total of 3 responses. If we cannot get a commitment from people to attend, we cannot begin planning for club night or any of the other social events that we can participate in as a club. Without knowing who is going, it will make it very difficult for us to plan ahead and know what to bring and how to coordinate events. If you planned to attend, please take the survey. Hopefully we can soon meet as a group to discuss planning and coordinating.