LAGERS February 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Events
March 11 — Akasha Brew in and Competition
March 20 — March Monthly Meeting “Using Gelatin Finings” 
April 17 — April Monthly Meeting “Building Fermentation Chambers”

Akasha Brew In and Competition– 
Rick Stidham and Akasha are hosting us for a brew-in and competition on March 11th, from 8am to 3pm. The theme this year is CEREAL, so all entries must be brewed with a cereal adjunct – oats, corn or rice. It can be used as flakes or in a cereal mash. The competition is open to all base styles, and you must be a LAGERS member to participate. We will also serve as a Club social. Jason Rosenberger will be bringing the smoked BBQ, and we will have the jockey boxes flowing.

What: Brew-in, Brew-Off and Social
Where: Akahsha Brewing Company, 909 E Market St #700, Louisville, KY 40206
When: March 11th from 8:00 am to 3 pm

More details are available at the link above.  Come out and have some fun and some BBQ!  Even if you can’t brew, we’d love to have you come by and hang out for a while, see what our members are making!  

Be sure to bring a side dish and a keg of homebrew to share!

February Monthly Meeting Recap 
Sarah Popko did a fabulous job educating us all about evaluating bourbon as well as about how it is aged and mixed.  Thanks to Sarah for the great presentation and for the samples!  I think several members mentioned being envious of Sarah’s chosen profession……

Our first monthly meeting at the Jim Miller Hall was a success– we had around 36 member show up (it was tough to count accurately) and 17 homebrews were brought to share for our monthly competition.  Below is the list of brewers and beers that were brought:

Tim Moore — Gose
Jason Rosenberger — Doppelbock
Sarah Popko and Greg Butorin — English Mild
Sarah Popko and Greg Butorin — Cashmere Saison
Sarah Popko and Greg Butorin — Perry (Peach Cider)
Sean Lydon — Mosaic Smash
Justin Vasher — “Panty Dropper”
Chris Inman — Biere de Garde
Mark Robinson — Black Berliner w/ Raspberry
Roger Young — Stout/Belgian Trippel
Jon Wurth — English IPA
Henry Hunt — White IPA
CT Owen — G. Hefe
Loren Prizant — BBA Porter
Darren and Valerie Meyers — Dry Irish Stout
Ron White — Smoked Scottish Light
Ron White — Baltic Porter

The winner this month?  Mark Robinson’s Black Berliner w/ Raspberry!  Congrats Mark!