iSpindel Digital Hydrometer Bulk Buy

Hey LAGERS, we’re happy to announce a new and unique bulk buy. This time it’s for ordering all of the parts necessary for an iSpindel digital hydrometer. If you’re unfamiliar with the iSpindel, it is an open source tilt hydrometer knock-off. If we can order enough for 30 units, we can get all the parts down to about $15 total. That’s a heck of a lot better than the $130 a tilt hydrometer costs. Price will vary based on the amount of orders we end up getting.

The benefit to iSpindel is it is community built so people are constantly tinkering and coming up with updates. No reliance on a business to get you the features you want. There is a rather active support community for any questions. It is based on wifi and not bluetooth so it can be connected to your devices with ease. The unit is rechargeable via USB-C (cables not included) and can last anywhere from 3 weeks to several months, depending on the frequency you set it to send out the data. These will work in a professional brewery if you have the right receiving equipment so any pro brewers out there are welcome to order these as well.

The cons are that it requires assembly, calibration, and online setup for it to work. Luck for you, we’re offering an assembly fee but the calibration and online setup is up to you. There are many options online such as brewfather, bierbot, ubidots, brewpi, and more. It is NOT a plug and play system and will require tinkering on your end. It only sends data out, it’s up to you to do with it what you want.  The other draw back is the parts may be cheap to buy in bulk but individually that is not the case which is why we’re offering this bulk buy.

Timelines all depend on shipping, which, as many of you may know, can be a crapshoot. We’d like to finalize the orders by the end of the year and place the part orders in the first week of January.

To learn more about the iSpindel, follow these links:

Parts list and instructions:
OG iSpindel:

Software integration:
Brewfather (beersmith equivalent): 
Ubidots (online data tracker):