Great Pumpkin Brew-Off

We are having our fourth annual Great Pumpkin Brew-Off. The spirit of the competition is to brew beers made in the Fall, Harvest (food crops, not hops), Halloween and Thanksgiving theme. Here are the rules:

Entry Rules
Entries must be brewed with a minimum of one of the following carbohydrate sources:
Any fall harvest crops within the above family (e.g., zucchini)
Entries must be brewed using a minimum of one of the following spices:
Nutmeg (or mace)
No other spices should be used
Christmas-style spicing and beers should be avoided.
Any base beer may be used and does not have to conform to a BJCP style

Entries Information
This is a keg competition and brewers are limited to two unique entries. We will set up the cold plates and taps with the entries so folks can pour and evaluate samples at their own pace. If you need a keg, then one will be made available to borrow. Taps will only list the entry number and beer name as provided by the entrant.

The competition is free and open to all LAGERS club members. There are two ways to register:
1) Website:
2) Direct Link:

You can also go to to renew your membership via PayPal.

Judging Format
This is a “best beer on the table” style competition. People will simply choose their favorite beer out of all the entries. While this is not a BJCP competition, basic judging principles from the BJCP may carry over. Judges will likely evaluate beers based on fermentation character, cleanliness, etc., but they will not be judged to a particular style. Each person at the brew-in will be given one ticket, sample all the beers at their own pace and simply write down the entry number of the beer that they liked best. Tickets will be placed in a designated container, and the entry that receives the most votes wins. Ties will be broken by a panel to be determined at that time, but will most likely consist of the brewers at ABW and/or BJCP judges without an entry.

Date and Time
Entries are due and will be judged on Sunday, November 5th during the brew-in at Krauth and Sons Plumbing (also ABW). Entries must be received by 9am and the taps will be open from 9am to 1pm. Entries received after 9 am are eligible to win and will be added to the cold plates: however, votes already cast before the late entry arrival will not be changed. Judging ends at 1pm.

The winner will receive the Great Pumpkin Brew-Off Trophy. This is a traveling trophy that will be held by the winner for one year, and then passed on to the next winner the following year.