Become a Brews Brother – Beer Competition at Gordon Biersch

Hello brewers! It is that time of year again; time to invite someone to brew his or her beer for the adoring public. If you are unfamiliar with how we have done this over the last few years it is really simple. Essentially, we’re having an in-house beer competition at Gordon Biersch, and the winner will be invited to come in and brew the winning beer on our system. We’ll have a fun tapping party, and raise money for the Humane Society.

The competition is a best of show judging style, and we usually put some restrictions, guidelines, or want specific styles; but at the same time allow for you to be unique with your beer. This year we are looking for IPAs, but open to all styles. American IPAs, English IPAs, Belgian IPAs, etc. Pro tip: don’t bother with a “New England” IPA. Just because someone forgot to turn on their glycol and didn’t crash a tank doesn’t make it a style; it won’t win. Different types of malts, and mash ingredients are perfectly fine. Let’s stay away from fruit additions as they can be difficult to properly reproduce. Spice additions aren’t a problem, but remember we’re looking for hop aromas and flavors to be dominant. No rocket fuel either, we’ll set a specific gravity limit at 1.080.

To enter you will need to be a L.A.G.E.R.S club member in good standing. Be sure top register your entries using the link below. Please bring your samples in three 12oz bottles or two 22oz bombers to the Gordon Biersch Louisville location at 400 S 4 th St by January 5 th, 2018, and we will announce the winner at the January meeting. With your samples include your name, email, and any other pertinent contact information. Please include a recipe sheet with your samples. We won’t use the sheets when judging; I will only need these for knowing what to start ordering after we pick a winner. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Good luck!

Nicholas Landers
Yeast Wrangler GB-Louisville
502-589- 8935