Annual Bulk Grain Buy

NOVEMBER 6, 2016

Apocalypse Brew works has extended an offer to allow LAGERS members an opportunity to purchase bulk sacs of malt at near-cost prices, like we did in the past with MOKH. This is a one time buy and if successful may turn into an annual bulk buy. Here are the details:

You must be a current member of the LAGERS Club
You must purchase a whole sac (though you are free to split them with other folks after you pick them up)
The pricing list only includes base malts available through Country Malting Group. Roasted and crystal malts are available at special request (again, you must purchase an entire sac)
Orders must be placed by November 16th (form will expire at midnight)
You must make one submission for each sac of malt you want (see below)
Orders must be picked up at ABW within one week of delivery to the brewery (we’ll send out more information as it becomes available)
The form for ordering malts can be found at the direct link below:

Or through our website:

IMPORTANT: you must make a submission for each sac of malt you want to buy. When you go to the form, you will enter your name, email address and then select a sac of malt you want from the list. Once you hit ‘submit’, it will ask you if you want to make another submission. Simply click the link and repeat this process for each sac of malt you want to purchase.

If you need to cancel or change a submission, then you must let us know by November 16th by emailing us at:

Descriptions of the maltsters and malts is available at:

Here is a summary of what is available and the cost per sac:

$51 Bairds Maris Otter
$45 Bairds Pale Ale
$63 Best Malz Acidulated
$48 Best Malz Dark Wheat
$47 Best Malz Heidelberg
$48 Best Malz Munich Dark
$48 Best Malz Munich Light
$47 Best Malz Pale Wheat
$47 Best Malz Pilsen
$51 Best Malz Red X
$65 Best Malz Smoked Malt
$48 Best Malz Vienna
$37 Briess 2-Row Brewers
$43 Briess Aromatic Munich 20L
$43 Briess Ashburne Mild
$43 Briess Bonlander Munich 10L
$64 Briess Cherrywood
$41 Briess Goldpils Vienna
$40 Briess Pale Ale
$40 Briess Pilsner
$52 Briess Rye
$38 Briess Red Wheat
$39 Briess White Wheat
$40 Canada Malting Co Munich Malt
$39 Canada Malting Co Superior Pale Ale
$39 Canada Malting Co Superior Pilsner
$50 Franco-Belges Munich
$50 Franco-Belges Munich Dark
$49 Franco-Belges Pale Ale
$49 Franco-Belges Pilsen
$50 Franco-Belges Special Aromatic
$50 Franco-Belges Vienna
$50 Franco-Belges Wheat
$48 Gambrinus ESB Pale
$51 Gambrinus Honey Malt
$50 Gambrinus Munich Dark
$50 Gambrinus Munich Light
$47 Gambrinus Pale Ale Malt
$48 Gambrinus Pilsen
$50 Gambrinus Vienna
$38 Great Western Northwest Pale Ale
$41 Great Western Munich Malt
$38 Great Western Premium 2-Row
$41 Great Western Vienna Malt
$51 Prostejov Munich
$50 Prostejov Pilsen
$56 Thomas Fawcett Amber
$56 Thomas Fawcett Brown
$56 Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise
$55 Thomas Fawcett Halcyon
$56 Thomas Fawcett Marris Otter
$56 Thomas Fawcett Oat
$54 Thomas Fawcett Optic
$54 Thomas Fawcett Pearl

March 16, 2017