2021 Yappy Hour Event

With loosening restrictions, we’re pleased to announce that our favorite event of the year is back on! It’s Yappy Hour time! For those who are new to the Club, Yappy Hour is our annual charity event with Apocalypse Brew Works to raise money for the Kentucky Humane Society. It is also our big opportunity to highlight homebrewing and the LAGERS club to the general public, friends, and family while supporting a good cause.
Essentially, the idea is that we all brew a batch of beer individually and ferment it at Apocalypse. In years past, club members can brew any recipe they want on premise but due to scheduling conflicts we are asking that you drop off the wort and pitch the yeast at Apocalypse during their normal business hours at the end of August. Then, the wort is taken inside ABW, yeast is pitched on premise, and made into beer as the licensed brewery. Along the way, we manage the fermentations, transfers, packaging and carbonating. Then on Saturday, September 25th, club members serve the beers at an event called Yappy Hour.
This is a dog and family friendly event that is designed to promote craft beer and awareness for the ABW, LAGERS and the Kentucky Humane Society. We’ll have music, a food truck, good beer, and good company. It’s a great opportunity to see how your beer fares with general public and also a great time to show people what homebrewing is all about. After the event, a donation matching the proceeds from the event will be made to the Louisville Chapter of the Kentucky Humane Society. We are often one of the largest donators to the Kentucky Humane Society and it’s something the we are truly proud of.
So, here is what you need to know:

• Each brewer is responsible for going to our sign up sheet https://forms.gle/Aks8GhiBNkRo2jqZ6 to register to brew and submit their recipe. The deadline to submit a recipe is July 23rd.

• ABW will supply all basic ingredients at no cost to you (hops, malt, yeast). Pickup of ingredients will be during their business hours from Aug 1st to Aug 14th.

• Fresh wort must be brought over to ABW during their business hours from Aug 21st to Aug 28th. Yeast will be pitched on site and allowed to ferment in a climate controlled room held at 72F.

• Please label your fermentation vessel prior to drop-off. It is your responsibility to check on the beer and complete any additions and transfers.

• ABW will carbonate the beers, but you must have your beer in a keg by September 19th. If you do not have a keg, please let us know and we will work on acquiring one for you.

• Recipes must be limited to 1.060 and up to 10 gallons.

• Recipes should not include expensive fruits, syrups, difficult to source ingredients, excessive hop bills, etc. Anything in excess must be provided on your own dime.

• The default yeast provided will be the house yeast (US-05 or WLP099), unless you specify otherwise when you submit your recipe.

• You must be a LAGERS member to enter.


A basic timeline consists of 2-3 weeks to primary, 1 week in secondary/crash cooling and 1 week carbonating and conditioning. However, you may do whatever you prefer in regards to stages, timing, etc. – it’s your beer and you are responsible for it. Please pressure test your keg first for leaks.

The brew-in for Yappy Hour is an opportunity for us to showcase homebrewing and the Club. You do not have to brew for Yappy Hour to attend or volunteer at the event. We’ll be sending out a separate sign up sheet to volunteer for serving beer with different time slots so you can choose to take a break and get some time to enjoy the event, have some beer, and mingle with friends. We’ll need your help to set up, tear down, and serve the beer.