2020 Winter Holiday Party

LAGERS members and family are welcome.

Jim Miller Hall Wedding Chapel & Reception Hall
10609 Watterson Trl, Louisville, Kentucky 40299
(same location as last year in J-Town)

Saturday, January 25th

4:00 – Setup up tables, chairs and cold plates…
5:00 – Doors open, Serving Beer and Appetizers
6:00 – Serve Main Courses
7:00 – Last Call then start the Raffle
8:00 – Clean up tables and chairs.

We have the building the entire night, and can stay as late as we like, but we’ll get the basic cleanup done early.

The Club will be providing the meat, as well as plates, cups, utensils and such. We ask you to bring a dish based on the first letter of your last name. There is an oven at the facility, so please arrive early if you need to use the oven to cook or warm something up. There are also plenty of outlets available for crock pots and such.

A-F: Appetizers/Breads
G-L: Deserts/Cookies
M-S: Casseroles/Sides/Soups
T-Z: Vegetables/Salads

Bring a keg of homebrew. BRING a keg of Homebrew. BRING A KEG OF HOMEBREW. If you don’t keg yet, then bring some bottles to share. We will have the cold plates set up (indoors!), so please show off some of your finest. The more kegs we have, the more likely that you get to return home with beer in your own keg. If you want to save some beer for home, then feel free to throw your keg on the taps for an hour or so and then take it off. If you submitted entries to Gordon Biersch, then bring out the remainder of the keg to share!

This is one of our two main raffles that we use to raise money for the year, as well as offset the cost of the event. We DO NOT need people to bring items to put in the raffle. So, put that cash to good use and buy more raffle tickets. Thanks to Brandon’s efforts this year, we will be raffling off some major items like a Jaded Hydra chiller and a Spike Brewing Flex Fermenter.

You can park in the main parking lot next to the building. There is also plenty of street parking, and an overflow lot behind the carwash adjacent to the Hall. DO NOT park in the church lot across the street.