2020 Tailspin Ale Festival Competition

Sign-up form for the 2020 Tailspin Ale Festival Competition. Upon request from the tailspin team, we are opening the competition to the public. If you are not a LAGERS member, the entry fee will be $5 for processing and stewarding your entries. This $5 can go towards a LAGERS membership if you choose to become one. LAGERS memberships are normally $20 for the year. Please specify if you’d like to become a member when filling out the form.

Entries in the form of 2x 12oz or more bottles are due at Apocalypse Brew Works no later than February 1st. Entries are limited to 2 per person and must have an attached (rubber banded) label with your name, a way to contact you, your beer name, and a description of the beer. Judging will commence at the end of the day on February 1st and the winner will get to brew their beer with Apocalypse that month. This lucky winner will get their beer served at the annual Tailspin Ale Festival as Louisville’s official winter warmer beer this March 7th and at select locations throughout the city. Discounted tickets to the festival may be purchased during the member-only LAGERS holiday party on January 25th. For more details on the Tailspin Ale Festival, visit their website at http://tailspinalefest.com/.

The rules will be the same as last year though we are working with the tailspin crew to switch things up a bit for 2021 (hence the delay in getting this sent out, sorry!). The theme is winter warmer. The gravity will be limited to 1.090. Entries may not be brewed using Syrups (Belgian, treacle, honey, maple, etc…), Fruit (fresh, canned, flavorings, puree, etc..), Wood (barrel aged, spirals, chips), or anything funky/sour (brett, lacto, pedio, etc…). However, entries with the following ingredients are fair game: Dry hops, chocolate, spices, herbs, plain table sugar, or any unique ingredients that doesn’t conflict with the above. Any type or style of beer can be submitted and it does not need to meet any BJCP categories. Cellared or aged beer may be entered, however judges will take into consideration if the beer can be brewed in the allotted time.

The winners will be selected by a crew comprised of Apocalypse and Tailspin staff. Best beer on the table wins. Considerations such as difficulty, time to brew, and public interest will be made on top of the overall flavor, aroma, and appearance of the beer. The first, second, and third place winners will receive a VIP ticket and special recognition at the Tailspin Ale Festival. Each entrant will receive a general admission ticket as a thanks for participating.

Good luck and happy brewing!