2018 Website Redesign

Welcome to the new and improved website. We felt it was necessary to update with details that you as members ought to know. Below you will find a list of updates we hope you will welcome and enjoy. If you have any suggestions or concerns about the website, feel free to email us or shoot us a message on facebook.

About Us – New Section

  • The Club – added a brief history and explanation of who we are and what we do. Work in progress.
  • Mailing List – added the ability to subscribe to our mailing list directly from the website. Officers used to have to add emails manually but it is now automated.
  • Club Officers – in an effort to be more transparent, we listed the new officers, their names, and their roles/responsibilities. Contact information available for each officer. Recognition for other members added as well.

News – Redesigned section

  • Newsletters- no change
  • Announcements – we will include any non-club news, reminders, and major announcements here
  • Hunt4Beer- no change
  • Any blog posts will show up on the News home page, including event info.

Events – Redesigned section. Added a rough guide to yearly events so you know what to expect.

  • Meetings- no change
  • Brew-ins/Competitions – renamed from events/programs (it was a bit redundant)
  • All happenings/events will be on the main Events page
  • Calendar- integrated the gmail calendar which we will maintain with up to date information. You can export the calendar to your own google account to get notifications. Calendar is updated automatically.

Education – New section

  • Presentations- added a place for everyone to access all club presentations. If you have any you’d like to add, please send it to us.
  • Getting Started- new section for potential/new members that are new to brewing. This will be comprehensive and will take some time to put together.
  • Learn to Brew- new section highlighting John’s efforts at Brewgrass Homebrew Supply. We hope to strengthen our relationship with him. 
  • Resources- another section that we are working on. This will list describe and link books, journals, blogs, and more. We hope it will be a place people can go to when they need some inspiration or knowledge.

Membership – New section

  • Join Now!- Removed the old store and terrible member renewal process. Made it a one click stop for renewals and added a mailing list subscription button for new members. Couples memberships now have a section of their own as well. No need to go through several pages just to get to the checkout. Add auto-invoice confirmations after purchasing so that you know we have your information. Added auto-email confirmation for all of your information so that we can keep track of member information and renewals easier.
  • Member Benefits- major new section highlighting the incentives and services offered by the club. Our goal is to educate members and non-members about what the membership benefits are and make it easier for you to utilize them and easier for the officers to keep track of the belongings.
    • Add rough guide to yearly events.
    • Added bulk grain buy details, including full catalog. We will post the surveys here from now on.
    • Added bulk chemical buy details, including full catalog. We will post the surveys here from now on.
    • Added tool rental information and rental form that will auto-email you and the officers. I bet you didn’t even know we had this stuff!
    • Added jockey box rental information and rental form that will auto-email you and the officers.
    • Added facebook discussion group and posting guidelines. We promised you this information after the summer party. Our goal is to be more transparent with how we moderate the facebook group.
    • Added Rick’s latest water reports. We will continue to update these as he gets them in.
    • Added a new merchandise section. Our goal is to start introducing new quarterly merchandise that is unique to that season and year. We hope to make it easier to sell and buy merchandise while making it collectible. We will not sell the same product twice. Stay tuned, we have a lot of fun merch in the works (stuff that many of you have been asking for).
    • Added Library section. We have an extensive library available to us with books, magazine, publications, and more. Rental form with auto email established. We will take inventory and update the site soon.
  • Member Highlights – new section to highlight club members for personal achievements, whether personal or homebrew related. The goal is to connect everyone more on a personal level. Knowing who the members are and what they do is an important part of being in the brewing community.

Fixed various bugs, broken images, broken links, and streamlined the posting process.