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We recommend coming to some of the meetings and talking with the other club members. This will give you idea of what the club is all about and how to participate in the many functions that we have during the year.

The L.A.G.E.R.S. main goal is the promotion of advancement of home brewing for our members and community.

Come join a meeting and speak with one of the Officers to discuss membership, or visit our Store (or click below) to become a Member!

 Individual Membership – $20

Couples Membership – $30

Meetings and Events

The club meets on the third Monday of the month at BBC Tap Room at 626 East Main St.  Our aim is to evaluate homebrew and discuss brewing and beer-related matters. We do not meet in August because we are all working so hard at the Kentucky State Fair.

We also maintain an Open Group on Facebook, look for us: LAGERS Homebrew Club

There are June and September picnic/camp outs, and a banquet in January. The brew-ins for the June picnic and January banquet are events in their own right, with plenty of food and beer and an excellent opportunity to observe brewing techniques. Club members are a good source of information about both grain and extract brewing.


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We brew it, we drink it, we talk about it.