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2016 Kentucky State Fair– Registration Forms

Registration is available for the upcoming 2016 Kentucky State Fair Homebrew Competition for entries, stewards and judges.  Please see the links below if you are interested in signing up.

Submit your entries by clicking HERE: 2016 Kentucky State Fair Entries

Register to Volunteer or Steward by clicking HERE : Volunteer/Steward Registration Form

Register to Judge by clicking HERE:  Judge Registration Form

2015 LAGERS-ABW Bulk Grain Buy


Apocalypse Brew works has extended an offer to allow LAGERS members an opportunity to purchase bulk sacs of malt at near-cost prices, like we did in the past with MOKH.   This is a one time buy and if successful may turn into an annual bulk buy.  Here are the details:

  1. You must be a current member of the LAGERS Club
  2. You must purchase a whole sac (though you are free to split them with other folks after you pick them up)
  3. The pricing list only includes base malts available through Country Malting Group.  Roasted and crystal malts are available at special request (again, you must purchase an entire sac)
  4. Orders must be placed by November 16th (form will expire at midnight)
  5. You must make one submission for each sac of malt you want (see below)
  6. Orders must be picked up at ABW within one week of delivery to the brewery (we’ll send out more information as it becomes available)

The form for ordering malts can be found at the direct link below:

Or through our website:

IMPORTANT: you must make a submission for each sac of malt you want to buy.  When you go to the form, you will enter your name, email address and then select a sac of malt you want from the list.  Once you hit ‘submit’, it will ask you if you want to make another submission.  Simply click the link and repeat this process for each sac of malt you want to purchase.

If you need to cancel or change a submission, then you must let us know by November 16th by emailing us at:

Descriptions of the maltsters and malts is available at:

Here is a summary of what is available and the cost per sac:

$51 Bairds Maris Otter
$45 Bairds Pale Ale
$63 Best Malz Acidulated
$48 Best Malz Dark Wheat
$47 Best Malz Heidelberg
$48 Best Malz Munich Dark
$48 Best Malz Munich Light
$47 Best Malz Pale Wheat
$47 Best Malz Pilsen
$51 Best Malz Red X
$65 Best Malz Smoked Malt
$48 Best Malz Vienna
$37 Briess 2-Row Brewers
$43 Briess Aromatic Munich 20L
$43 Briess Ashburne Mild
$43 Briess Bonlander Munich 10L
$64 Briess Cherrywood
$41 Briess Goldpils Vienna
$40 Briess Pale Ale
$40 Briess Pilsner
$52 Briess Rye
$38 Briess Red Wheat
$39 Briess White Wheat
$40 Canada Malting Co Munich Malt
$39 Canada Malting Co Superior Pale Ale
$39 Canada Malting Co Superior Pilsner
$50 Franco-Belges Munich
$50 Franco-Belges Munich Dark
$49 Franco-Belges Pale Ale
$49 Franco-Belges Pilsen
$50 Franco-Belges Special Aromatic
$50 Franco-Belges Vienna
$50 Franco-Belges Wheat
$48 Gambrinus ESB Pale
$51 Gambrinus Honey Malt
$50 Gambrinus Munich Dark
$50 Gambrinus Munich Light
$47 Gambrinus Pale Ale Malt
$48 Gambrinus Pilsen
$50 Gambrinus Vienna
$38 Great Western  Northwest Pale Ale
$41 Great Western Munich Malt
$38 Great Western Premium 2-Row
$41 Great Western Vienna Malt
$51 Prostejov Munich
$50 Prostejov Pilsen
$56 Thomas Fawcett Amber
$56 Thomas Fawcett Brown
$56 Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise
$55 Thomas Fawcett Halcyon
$56 Thomas Fawcett Marris Otter
$56 Thomas Fawcett Oat
$54 Thomas Fawcett Optic
$54 Thomas Fawcett Pearl


2015 Yappy Hour

It’s that time of year again. Time to be thinking of what you want to brew for Yappy Hour! For those who are new to the Club, Yappy Hour is our annual charity event with Apocalypse Brew Works to raise money for the Kentucky Humane Society during Louisville’s Craft Beer Week. It is also our big opportunity to highlight homebrewing and the LAGERS club. Essentially, the idea is that we host a brew-in with ABW on the first Sunday of August where Club members can brew any recipe they want on premise. Then, the wort is taken inside ABW and made into beer by the licensed brewery. Along the way, we help them manage the fermentations, transfers, packaging and carbonating. Then during Craft Beer Week, we help serve the beers at an event called Yappy Hour. This is a doggy friendly event that is designed to promote craft beer and awareness for the ABW, LAGERS and the Humane Society. Then, a donation matching the proceeds from the event will be made to the Louisville Chapter of the Kentucky Humane Society.

So, here are the rules: The main guidelines are that beers must limited to 1.060 and should not include expensive fruits, syrups, difficult to source ingredients, excessive hop bills, etc. The point is to keep costs low and make as big a donation as possible to the Humane Society. If you want to go all out, that is fine, but we may ask you to bring a few ingredients with you. For example, if you really want to oak age and add vanilla extract, then ABW will provide the base ingredients and ask you to supply your own oak chips and vanilla extract. Otherwise, you are free to brew any style you want, and 10-15 gallon batches are welcomed, if not even preferred (we need a LOT of beer to meet demand at the event). Each brewer is responsible for going to to register to brew, then submitting their recipe to by July 26th. On the day of the brew-in, you should bring out your whole brewing rig, everything you need to make a batch of beer. Don’t forget your fermenting vessel, airlock and sanitizer! All of your ingredients will be waiting for you when you arrive at ABW. The default yeast provided will be the house yeast (WLP090), unless you specify otherwise when you submit your recipe. Following the brew day, you are then responsible for all transfers of your beer including secondary (if desired) and kegging. A basic timeline consists of 2-3 weeks to primary, 1-2 weeks in secondary/crash cooling and 1-2 weeks carbonating and conditioning. However, you may do whatever you prefer in regards to stages, timing, etc. – it’s your beer and you are responsible for it. ABW will provide the CO2 for carbonating, but you must have your beer in a keg by September 10th (please pressure test your keg first for leaks). If you cannot attend the brew-in or cannot travel with your brewing rig, you may still take unfermented wort to ABW any time during this period. However, there can be NO beer made at home and taken up to ABW to sell during Yappy Hour. If you need to make wort at home, then you must still register on the website, submit your recipe and pick up your ingredients from ABW prior to making the wort.

In addition, the brew-in for Yappy Hour is an opportunity for us to showcase homebrewing and the Club. You do not have to brew for Yappy Hour to attend, nor do you even have to brew to attend the Club event. During the brew-in, we are asking everyone to bring a keg to hook up to the cold plate, as well as bring a dish to share with everyone for lunch. Feel free to bring family and friends to socialize, learn about homebrewing and try some good food and beer. Then, bring them back on September 19th to support Yappy Hour during Craft Beer Week.

Get to the website, get registered and submit your recipe by THIS SUNDAY!


Sign-up form:

LAGERS Holiday Party



Good news regarding the Holiday Party.  We have found a place in J-town that has a full kitchen, tables, chairs, etc. (heat!) to host the Party.  It’s a very nice indoor setting, and I think you all will like it.  A few things you need to know:


This is one of our two main raffles that we use to raise money for the year.  Please bring an item to put in the raffle – gift cards, ingredients, glassware, equipment, books, bombers of beer, growlers – anything homebrew.  Also if you know of a business that is willing to sponsor the club by donating some items, please let me know so that we can contact them and make sure they receive the benefits of being a LAGERS sponsor.  We will also have the LAGERS swag there for sale if you want to buy some for yourself, or if you want to buy something to donate to the raffle last minute.


The Club will be providing the smoked meats (thanks Tim!), as well as plates, cups, utensils and such.  We ask you to bring a dish based on the first letter of your last name.  Please arrive early if you need to use the oven to warm something up.


A-F: Deserts/Cookies

G-R: Vegetables/Salads

S-Z: Appetizers/Breads


Bring a keg of homebrew.  Bring a keg of Homebrew.  Bring a keg of HOMEBREW.  If you don’t keg yet, then bring some bottles.  We will have the cold plates set up (indoors), so please share some of your finest.  The more kegs we have, the more likely that you get to return home with beer in your own keg.  If you want to save some beer for home, then feel free to throw your keg on the taps for an hour or so and then take it off.  If you submitted entries to Tailspin or Gordon Biersch, then bring out the remainder of the keg to share.



10609 Watterson Trl

Louisville, KY 40299


Saturday, January 10th.



6:00 – Doors open for setup (please help if you can)

6:30 – Beer and Appetizers

7:00 – Main Courses

8:00 – Final call for the raffle

8:30 – Raffle off items

9:30 – Announce the WINNER of the GB Competition!




You can park in the main parking lot next to the building.  There is also plenty of street parking, and an overflow lot behind the carwash adjacent to the Hall.  DO NOT park in the church lot across the street.


At the end of the night, we will announce the winner of the GB Competition.  We hope to see you all there!