BBC St. Matthews – Saison Brew-In

Matthew at the BBC in St. Matthews wants to host a brew-off for a chance to brew on their system and have your beer tapped and served during craft beer week. Normal brew-in rules apply; bring everything you need to brew on site. The beer style will be a Saison, and keeping with the spirit of the farmhouse traditions, most any interpretation of the style will be accepted. The basic idea is that BBC will provide the base malt (Best Pilsner) and yeast (WLP550) to you the day of the brew-off for making the saison. They would also like to showcase Bobek (4.9% AA) hops, which will be provided as well. You are not limited to Bobek (4.9% AA), but it must be included somewhere in the process. Outside of base malt, yeast and Bobek hops, you are responsible for providing the remainder of your recipe to suit whatever interpretation you desire.

Here are some examples of different interpretations (not limited to):
– Classic
– American
– Table
– Imperial
– Summer
– Winter
– Dark
– Spiced
– Herb infused
– Dried fruit aged
– Dry hopped
– Wood aged
– Historic/farmhouse grains
– Anything else you can come up with….

However, a few restrictions do apply:
– No use of brettanomyces, lactobacillus or pediococcus or any other kind of “funking” agent
– No use of syrups (Belgian candi, molasses, honey, agave, treacle, etc.)- table sugar is fine.
– May use dried fruits, but no fresh fruit
– Must use the house Abbey ale yeast (provided)
– Must use the house Pilsner malt (provided and pre-crushed)
– Must use Bobek hops (4.9% AA) somewhere in the process (provided)
– Must be <8.0% ABV

If you cannot travel with your brewing rig, then there will be a handful of exceptions made per review by BBC and/or the LAGERS. If you need an exemption, then send a note to with your stated reasons. You must, however, show up during the day of the event to pick up your malt, hops and yeast. There are no limitations to the number of brewers that can enter, but each brewer is limited to submitting two unique entries. Each entry will consist of (6) 12 oz bottles or (3) 22-25oz bombers and must be dropped off at the BBC in St. Matthews between August 17-21th. The winning brew will be announced shortly thereafter and the resulting pro-am brewed beer will be featured at a special tapping during Craft Beer week in September. There is no entry fee, but you must be a paid LAGERS member to enter the competition. To enter, simply go to and fill out the online registration. You must also submit your recipe to so that we can ensure we have sufficient ingredients to hand out the day of the brew-off. The deadline for registering and submitting your recipe is July 3rd.

Sign up here:

April 2015 Meeting – Grain Mill Presentation

First, thanks to Great Flood Brewing who hosted us last night while Goodwood (formerly known as BBC @ Clay & Main) finishes their taproom renovation!

Second, thanks go Dan Flaherty for presenting his very thorough comparison of Grain Mills!  His presentation and comparison chart can be found here:

Grain Mill Presentation

Grain Mill Chart


Third, we now have new club glassware available for sale.  They are 300ml Kolsch Stange glasses.  For more information about this style of glass, please see the following links:

2015 LAGERS Bulk Hop Buy

It’s time for the first of the My Old Kentucky Homebrew’s Club Bulk Buys of 2015.  This bulk buy is for pounds of Pellet and Leaf Hops.
I compiled a list of which pounds are currently available and found the average price for each country.
Hop prices are on the rise so this is a good time to stock up.  Over the next few weeks our hop prices will go from $1.99/ounce to $2.25 and $2.99/ounce to $3.50.
Please fill out and return the attached form to My Old Kentucky Homebrew either in person or to
All forms need to be submitted by end of business on March 29th.  I will place the order March 30th and should arrive the following Wednesday.
Thank you!
Paul Young
My Old Kentucky Homebrew
361 Baxter Ave
Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 589-3434



Order Form:  2015 Hops Bulk Buy Order Form