LAGERS Officers Job Descriptions (Updated: 2016)


  • SUMMARY: Coordinating and creating education, events and outreach.
  • Schedules meeting locations and times
  • Schedule programs/speakers for meetings
  • Schedules competitions, social events and outreachIdentifies and confirms locations for special events
  • Interfaces with other clubs
  • Organizes and delegates responsibilities within the club
  • Establishes committees when needed
  • Sends emails for special communications and events
  • Responsible for membership drives and outreach
  • Primary contact for handling public relations for LAGERS
  • Assists or serves in place of other officers as needed
  • Assists with website and social media content

Vice President

  • SUMMARY: Generating sponsorships and running raffles – generating income
  • Responsible for organizing and securing items necessary for raffles and fundraising events
  • Responsible for creating sponsorship letters and agreements
  • Responsible for outreach to find new club sponsors and communications for maintaining existing sponsors
  • Handles LAGERS SWAG/merchandise ordering and sales
  • Responsible for ensuring SWAG presence at all events
  • Responsible for coordinating other persons to assist with SWAG as needed
  • Conducts meeting in absence of President
  • Assists President as contact for handling public relations for LAGERS
  • Assists President with membership drives and outreach
  • Assists with website and social media content and development


  • SUMMARY: All things communications – email, newsletter, website and social media
  • Takes meeting minutes
  • Responsible for communicating that info in the form of a newsletter and posting on the website
  • Responsible for submitting email, social media and website reminders about upcoming meetings and events
  • Assists President with email, social media and website special communications
  • Responsible for maintaining and developing website structure and content
  • Responsible for updating website and social media to reflect events, socials, reminders, etc.
  • Responsible for overseeing and assisting persons contributing website content..Mails paper copies to non-email members
  • Coordinates LAGERS printed material for State Fair Booth
  • Coordinates printed material for Club events
  • Sends memorials / cards


  • SUMMARY: Manages the bank and legal accounts – AIC, taxes, bank/PayPal statements and PO Box
  • Collects dues
  • Sends out notification that renewals are coming up
  • Sends out notification on past due memberships
  • Pays club taxesFiles articles of incorporation
  • Completes an annual treasurer’s reportInterface with other clubs in financial matters
  • Checks Post Office box
  • Annual projected budget
  • Maintains all banking and paypal accounts and records for club

Librarian (Appointed)

  • Catalogs new books
  • Maintains inventory
  • Conducts annual inventory